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Solve nonograms or create a new nonogram for your friends

Nonograms - nonogram selection

Choose from the most beautiful nonogram

Choose a nonogram according to three different options:

Select a nonogram
Nonograms - solving

Solve nonograms

Solve nonograms online

Nonograms - create nonograms

Create nonograms

Create nonograms and share them with your friends. To create a nonogram is easy. It is as if you drew a picture on a squared paper. After that you press the Save button and we will generate the nonogram for you.

Create a nonogram


Solve word search puzzles from categories jokes, quotes or riddles.
It has never been easier to create word search.

Word search puzzles - word search puzzles solving

Word search puzzles

Word search puzzles were published for the first time at the end of 60s of the last century. Soon they became very popular and remained so to this day.

We divided word search puzzles into these categories:

Solve word searches

Create word searches

An original way to share your favourite joke or quote with others. Create a word search and share it with your friends.

To create a word search all you need is a joke, quote, riddle or some other interesting text. Then you just enter the dimensions and we will create a word search for you.

Relax with word search puzzles.

Create word search


Exercise your brain with a popular sudoku puzzles

SUDOKU - sudoku online


We prepared for you a set of sudoku puzzles. More than 10000 puzzles divided into 4 categories according to the level of difficulty. Choose the right difficulty for you.

Easy sudoku
a puzzle for beginners or for moments when you do not feel like thinking hard
Medium difficult sudoku
suitable for advanced players
Difficult sudoku
intended for those who like to exercise their brains
Very difficult sudoku
mainly for those who are confident enough to solve any sudoku possible
SUDOKU - sudoku tutorial

How to solve sudoku

For those who would like to solve sudoku but do not know how to start, we prepared some instructions. It begins with simple steps. These are sufficient for solving simple sudoku puzzles. The instructions then continue to describe more advanced techniques that enable solving even the most difficult crosswords.

SUDOKU tutorial